February 22, 2007

Interweb continues inside jokes

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brokenlink.jpgContinuing the interweb snickering for those in-the-know, Sean Hubbard adds to the existing 'web' of common experiences. As seen last month in various image-stricken pockets of New York, the broken-image icon is now making a debut on stamps, or at least that's the hope. Inspired by the urbanscaping, Hubbard went DIY, creating stickers for the icon and eventually moving them to his mail. It's a shame that this comes after Valentine's Day, as I'm sure this could've generated a few VDay 2.0 e-cards between fellow interwebers.



Thanks for the link. I actually created these stamps a little over a month ago, long before valentines day, but the internet is just now discovering them. oh well.

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