February 6, 2007

Homophobic? Grab a Snickers

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Best Week Ever points to the recent Super Bowl ad for Snickers, calling it out on account of irresponsibly using a brand to support homophobia. The ad involves two mechanics sharing a Snickers by mouth due to dirty hands and accidentally lip-locking. As such, they instantly propose to do something "manly" and pull out their chest hair to make-up for the queerness. However, Snickers had also set up a site with "disgusted audience reactions" and alternate endings to the manly-endings, including drinking poison and beating each other up. Not surprisingly, especially with all the outcries of what's "appropriate" to show during the uber-testosterone-fondlefumble-fest, there are already complaints forming. Perhaps Snickers listened or was hacked, for as of now, the site simply redirects to the regular Snickers homepage.


That's simply not homophobic.

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