February 28, 2007

High Maintenance Bitch gets slapped

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450highmaintenance22_1.jpgHigh Maintenance Bitch is more than just your ex-girlfriend, though the concept alone may bring similarly annoyed emotions. A luxury pet store is under criticism for its prominent logo, featuring the word Bitch on "at least half" of the outdoor sign. The pooch boutique caters to what it advertises, offering paw nail polish and a sparkly mascara for dogs, dubbed "Whiskara". Hoping to be the Victoria's Secret of bitches everywhere, the store is receiving local complaints, mainly dealing with parents of sheltered children.

"It is going to be a hot issue again when we get to our Wallingford Kiddie Parade and Street Fair," she said. Stillman fears that the sign will ruin family photos of the summer parade."

The owners seem less worried, stating that to take it down is a violation of free speech. Speaking of free, the free publicity alone from the name makes any local battle worth the trouble. Here's hoping that there's a tangent store called Wet Shaved Pussy - what? it's for cat grooming, sheesh.


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I love this sign. I would sit right in front of it for my parade visit, just so it got in the picture. Maybe my daughter and our dog could come too and be in that picture.

Wow...people are such prudes. Sometimes....

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