February 12, 2007

Social Media is A Beautiful Thing For Photo Lovers

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While The Silly Girl is away in sunny San Diego having more fun than we'll ever know about, she's asked me to have some fun here for a few days. Normally, I write about advertising over at Adrants and maybe that's what I'll write about here too but the temptation to write freely about whatever I want might shift things a bit.

Shake Well Before Use is about art, advertising, sex and technology. Two of those things I really like. One trumps all others. Can you guess which one? There. I knew you could. So let's get on with it. Since Flickr made its debut, we've all had the pleasure of getting down with just about every possible genre of photography in existence. We've also had the pleasure of getting up thanks to the dedication of many who love to troll Flicker and other sites like Webshots for pictures of the hottest women in the world. I figured I highlight a few for your enjoyment.

One of my favorites is Chickenbreasts which digs into the juicy curvaceousness of the female form.There's a website but it's more fun, as it is with all these sites, to just subscribe to the RSS feed and get an endless supply of eye candy delivered continuously to your newsreader. The aptly titled Flickrbabes is more artistic in its approach to female appreciation and rarely includes nudity and falls squarely into the artistic category.

For those who appreciate the more top-heavy figure, there's BustyWebshots, a site devoted exclusively to trolling WebShots for big breasted female. There's no nudity but these ladies are so big they don't need to take their clothes for you to see what they've got underneath.

There's a guy on Flicker that goes by the name of Hardley Surton is is masterful and finding Internet beauty. The quantity and quality is impressive. And let's not forget about old-school forum style picture sharing brought to us by Tits in Tops. Oh, and if freakishly huge Asian women are your thing, Fuko is the girls for you.

OK, I'm finished being creepy. going back to advertising now.


A recent edition of one of the men's mags (I think it was FHM - reading these things is a perk of the job) ran an article saying that when a man works alone at his PC at home, there is something like a 0.1% chance that he WON'T surf for smut.
Steve, letting you loose on the virtuous Ariel's blog must be very similar. Something like being left alone in some hottie's bedroom while she's out shopping, eh? I wonder what's in them drawers.

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