February 11, 2007

Guest blogging at Shake Well Before Use: Steve Hall

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display.jpgAs mentioned earlier, I'm currently soaking up the sun in lovely San Diego for a few days. But fear not, disappointment should only be kept to your bedroom, not blogs.

As such, I've invited Steve Hall of Adrants (you may remember him from such hits as 'Agency.com has Hipster Orgasm on YouTube' and 'Bouncing Thong-Clad Beauties Spank For Biker Insurance') to be a guest blogger for a couple days. Besides being the main power force behind one of the industry's largest publications, he's also the one who convinced me to start blogging. So, without further ado, I'll let him do what he does best. I've given him free reign and no censorship, so NSFW-softies be warned.


This is akin to the cast of "The Simpsons" showing up in guest roles on "24".

Ah, the incestuous adblog world.

Please visit Coronado for me. And go Chargers.

I did visit Coronado! Went there yesterday to have breakfast and walk on the beach. Was very enjoyable. Of course, came home a few hours later that day to a snow storm.

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