February 14, 2007

CTRL+X and snorted

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winfun_1.jpgMaking headway into the digital age, drugs continue to infiltrate youth culture. Creating the Designer Drug 2.0 for the strung out and social, laptops are soon to be more addictive than a bluetooth headset to a chump. Synced up and snorted, WinFun has created a laptop that is meant to attract your sense of smell. Wanting to hook 'em while they're young, the Smell-O-Vision was designed for kids. Figuring they're already inhaling and eating enough glue and various art supplies as is, really, where's the harm in just another hit or two? The Sweet Berry Bilingual Laptop smells like strawberries and cooties. While it claims to be bilingual, something tells us that the Sweet Belly Biringuar Raptop wasn't intended for Japan.

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