February 26, 2007

Color me conservation

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google-thumb.jpgIt could be lights out for Google across the world. While Google is not actually going under anytime soon, Treehugger reports on an interesting find that tags Google as an energy opportunity.

"Did you know that a cathode ray tube (CRT) monitor uses about 74 watts to display an all white web page, but only uses 59 watts to display an all black page? Worldwide, about 25 percent of the monitors currently in use are cathode ray tubes, which means that they waste energy displaying white backgrounds. This can add up for sites with a global audience."

Treehugger claims that by turning Google black, they would save 750-megawatt-hours ($75,000) a year. Called low-wattage web design, it may have to have its own set of design rules, as white text on a black background is never recommended for extensive reading. Perhaps there's a happy medium for designing for a monitor as well as a person's vision. However, the big question is, once Google goes black, will it ever go back?


Maybe Treehugger can get the the 25% of us still using CRTs to use less power by switching to flat panels. There would also be fewer headaches and more space on your desk for little stupid statues and pictures of your dogs.

Though I'd think that the 25% of us still using CRTs are doing such for the sake that LCDs that display colour at an acceptable level of accuracy are far more expensive than a CRT which does a better job. Ironically many of us using those CRTs for cheaper colour trueness are those who make actually make the web sites (yes I realize that the cost of ownership for an accurate LCD versus the initial cost of purchase would even things out against a CRT).

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