February 21, 2007

Cheese it up

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grilled_cheese.gifGrilled cheese has always been a cheap favorite. Where can you go wrong with bread and cheese? While it may seem difficult to screw up, The 4th 2nd Annual Grilled Cheese Invitational is prepared to make you compete for your I-screwed-up-the-least bragging title. Telling by the music on their website, the Invitational likes to lay the cheese on thick: "While anyone is welcome to sign up and compete, only the few, the proud, the winners will be able to raise their cheese and butter speckled fists to the angry sky above and scream: “I am a Fucking Grilled Cheese Champion™!Laughing Squid tells us it's too late to "register your sammich" but they're still taking applicants for oral judges. And, just in case, there will be a cash bar there, too. I won't be in Los Angeles for the event, but I do have an awkward yet delicious habit of ordering grilled cheese and a martini on an almost-weekly basis. Here's to awkward-pleasures.

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There used to be a bar in Chicago that had a menu full of grilled cheese sandwiches. On tuesday night they would put a bucket of fried bacon on every table (they called it free Bacon night.)

Sadly, it burned down and is gone forever.

That is sad. In KC there's a gourmet grilled cheese boutique-restaurant called Cheesehead. Alas, they don't serve fried bacon. Actually leaving to eat there right now!