February 26, 2007

Buzzword bingo: fatblogging beme

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357826514_2e0fb74d7e.jpgNew words are buzzing around the blogosphere lately. Blogging tends to build bemes (a blog meme, for the unhip and unaware) as well as fat over time. As such, Jason Calcanis intertwined the concepts to create fatblogging. What is fatblogging? While ideally it would be the liveblogging of oral indulgence, it's actually the opposite. Perhaps experiencing some jealously over Wii-Weight-Loss Experiment, bloggers join up and document their weight-loss and exercise each day as well as share thoughts and tips. The lovely Joseph Jaffe and Hugh Macleod have already signed up, so if Hugh's sketches become a little more angry and Jaffe's blog slows down even more, don't be alarmed. If you care to burn off that blogger backfat of yours, Jason invites you to work up a sweat and be part of the movement.


Yay! She called me 'lovely'!

PS. I'll be at SXSW this year as well... Giving a talk etc.

Actually Hugh, I think she was calling me lovely and not you :)

Just kidding...

wow, i am impressed! with this siteā€¦

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