February 5, 2007

British sex as boring as long-winded conversations

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bridget_jones2.jpgA recent study in the UK found that 30% of men and 42.5% of women would consider answering the phone during sex. Even more shocking, 24% of women answered that they would give up sex before their mobile phone. Is British sex truly that anti-climatic? Perhaps this may come as no shocker to the UK, but these findings could potentially have irreversable effects on underage American girls everywhere, otherwise swooning for the Hugh-Grant-type-accents. It seems as though the Brits love for raunchy entertainment and advertising is just an outcry for their malnurished appetites.

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Nonsense. The caller is usually invited to join in. It's simply good manners.

Is that better or worse than sneaking peeks at Sports Center during sex?

Wouldn't want the pizza to get cold.

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