February 5, 2007

Birthday cakes are for geeks

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iphone-mac-mini-cakes.jpgWhat is it with the current obsession to pay tribute to gadgets with cakes? Perhaps cake and technology is just as delicious as sex and technology. Though, combining all three could provide quite the treat (precarious body placements for "icing iPod buttons" could get some overly excited). As our gadgets progress to make our lives simpler, they certainly are becoming more difficult to bake and decorate. Not sure why someone would choose to bake an iPhone, though after looking through Engadget's 2006 birthday cake contest, full of Alienwares, robots, and smartphones, it shouldn't come as any surprise. In Japan, however, they apparently reverse this geek-cake-obsession, by decorating their phones like wedding cakes. For those geeks with culinary tendencies and icing fetishes, Engadget plans to hold another geek-cake contest this year.


Well, you know it's love when someone bakes you a Treo cake. I suspect we'll see more than a few iPhone cakes this year.

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