January 11, 2007

Wii-envy no longer just for jealous girlfriends

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While a seemingly obvious viral video for the physical benefits of the Wii, someone had to do it. Taking the cake, The Wii Sex Movie (they seriously couldn't come up with a Wii pun for a title!?). The premise is hot enough, but most could probably do without the chumpy boyfriend. For those already tingling about the idea, Fleshbot is offering bonus points to any adventurous couples willing to 1up the video by trying it out on Wii bowling. My mind is already in the gutter.

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Well I certainly didn't see the Guitar Hero surprise coming!

I'm thinking Golf might work even better then bowling. *wicked grin*

Super Monkey Ball, here I come.

She appears to have been shaken well before ......

sorry - that was too easy.

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