January 10, 2007

There's a party in Lindsay Lohan's mouth and everyone's invited

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lohan.jpgSimilar to Trump Ice, and equally as lame, Perez Hilton and Best Week Ever point to Lindsay Lohan's expected advertising debut. The little firecrotch apparently itching for attention promotes "When you can't quit ... Adequite." The new vodka, rumored to launch in, and out of Lindsay's mouth, tries to keep the speculation at a hush.

"Rehydrate. Rehabilitate. Intoxicate. Introducing Adequite, the world's first single-grain triple-distilled luxury vodka available in a discreet plastic container that resembles an innocent - yet stylish - water bottle. Specially developed by troubled alcohol enthusiast and occasional movie actress Lindsay Lohan, Adequite is the solution to the problem you're not ready to admit you have."

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