January 9, 2007

So hip it hurts


google.600.jpgGoogle boasts urban hipness with recently acquired New York workplace. Having opened in October, the Manhatten Googleplex is elusive, similar to a particular Brothers Grimm story...

"There is no Google sign on the building, and it’s hard to catch a glimpse of a Googler, as employees call themselves, on the street because the company gives them every reason to stay within its candy-colored walls."

Sure, gingerbread houses are all fun and games at first glance. However, these unsuspecting Googlers are playing into the workaholic-witch's hand - soon to be swallowed up and never heard from again.

"... but Google has free food, and plenty of it, including a sushi bar and espresso stations. There are private phone booths for personal calls and showers and lockers for anyone running or biking to work."

... Or for those too busy for anything more than an office quickie inbetween all-nighters. Admittedly tempting, not sure how long one could tolerate the Phish-wearing, buzzword-loving hipsters before realizing that "Googling yourself" every night may indeed be the better alternative.