January 18, 2007

Shocker: Advertising hits a new low

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federline.jpgAs if advertising didn't have enough problems as is, what with pop-ups, windshield flyers, fake blogs, and false claims - now we've got to worry about child support. As if dumped on the advertising industry's doorstep by a drunk, panty-less, trashy blonde, we've got to pick up where Britney left off by supporting K-Fed? Seriously.

The chump has claimed to give in to his fellow chumps (fans?) by making fun of himself in an ad scheduled to appear during the Super Bowl. The spot (watch out, total spoiler alert!) for Nationwide Insurance is set to feature K-Fed working in fast food.

"The Life Comes at You Fast concept was created to remind people that they need to think about preparing for the future. No one has personified Life Comes at You Fast in the media better than Kevin Federline. Our partnership with Kevin shows the world that he has a great sense of humor. He's poking fun at himself, and in the process gets to have the last word."

We really, truly wish. IF ONLY that could be the last word we ever hear from him.

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