January 2, 2007

Order a tall glass of Salma

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1166011296_50133_camparicalendar_006_june_122_330lo.jpgSpreading her sultry, sensual ways across film, Salma Hayek poses for the latest Campari campaign, Hotel Campari. Being the main attraction for their 2007 calendar, one can never be sure which brand is truly getting more exposure. Salma steps up the competition with two of her own. The concept for the campaign is derived from mysertiously sexy boutique hotels. Complete with peeping rooms and Do Not Disturb signs, temptation runs high.

"Hotel Campari – doors ajar, an atmosphere full of whispers, exchanged glances, an ethereal place in which dream and reality meet. Salma Hayek, dark eyes, crimson lips and a slow and haughty pace brings Campari Red Passion alive."

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