January 12, 2007

Old Spice schools inexperienced guys

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Taking the ruler to inexperienced guys' backsides across the nation, Old Spice unleashes its latest public service announcement. The campaign grabs attention by telling guys everywhere that it's just not okay to be "inexperienced" under anyone's watch. Old Spice needs all the attention they can get since Axe and others in the men's department have taken center stage with their so-horny-for-you ad chicks.



I'm glad to see Bruce Campbell is getting work that doesn't include horrible B movies.

Yanno, I know us cool cats ain't supposed to use anti-deoderant stuff (that's why the cat queen gave us a great tongue) but Axe just plain rips. It last for all of about 2 hours and then what's a prowling cat to do? Old Spice is the thing. I like the aqua, but that's prolly a bit too much info.

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