January 30, 2007

New report says men are faking it

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o-face.jpgWomen are continually tagged with faking orgasms, but recent insight reveals that men may actually be the ones on the losing end of the equation. Apparently, women give out a lot more than just moans and backside "battle wounds".

Theta waves or rhythms are typically measured to reflect the part of the brain that processes incoming signals.

"When an orgasm has been achieved through sex, you can measure theta waves. These are also said to cause the "running high" feeling of euphoria experienced sometimes by marathon runners. If theta waves are taken as a criterion, the entire brain emits theta waves when women reach an orgasm that are close on 10 times stronger than when men climax. So, if theta waves are an indication of an orgasm's strength, then women experience an orgasm that is physically impossible for men to go through. Putting it a little crudely, if the intensity of a woman's orgasm was played through a man's brain, there's a danger that the shock to his system would kill him."

Deadly, perhaps, but we also we're born to tempt as well as kill...

"There is a very strong correlation between nerve transmitters called dopamine and pleasure. ... There also appears to be a link between this and a woman's tendency to become prettier when she falls in love."


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I faked it once. I found the experience generally unfulfilling.

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