January 3, 2007

Middle school is a life lesson in humor

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jpenglishles.jpgViolet Blue lists via BoingBoing, the top 10 Sex Memes of 2006. While trying to avoid all the who-cares-lists, Violet does have a point:

"Typically -- and especially with sex memes -- they're too scary or NSFW to get any official traffic. And yet everyone finds out about them, and are fascinated for at least one solid minute. But the best part of sex memes, besides the weirdness and snarky wrong ironic humor? The gap between perception and reality is often a goatse-like chasm..."

NSFW warnings aside (because you've been thinking about getting a better job anyway), the full list with descriptions can be found here, but the cliffnote version is below for your pervy convenience:

10. Celebrity Cooch Flash-A-Palooza
9. Boobs in a Box
8. George Bush Butt Plug
7. Pinky Violence
6. Sex and Google Trends; Sex and Google Patents
5. The 500 Person Japanese Orgy
4. The Seattle Craigslist Experiment Scandal
3. A Series of (Fallopian) Tubes
2. Phonecam Subway Masturbator
1. Let's Sexy Engrish

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