January 31, 2007

JetBlue throws mile high SuperBowl kegger

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jetblue.jpgAirlines want to take advantage of you. And not in the usual bend-over-and-hand-me-your-money way. Like any responsible date, they prefer to get you trashed before sweet talking you. As such, JetBlue is scheduled to offer free beer, cocktails, and 'munchies' on SuperBowl Sunday for any unfortunate (or fortunate) passengers stuck in the air during game-time. DIRECTV has also agreed to whisper sweet nothings into your ear by letting you see the game from 35k feet in the air. While this might be a great success in JetBlue putting forth the effort to cater to their customers, just hope more so than usual that there's no babies on the flight packed with dozens of testosterone-saturated, yelling men.

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