January 8, 2007

Brazil prefers to be a dick over YouTube pussy

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assgrab.pngBrazil has reportedly blocked YouTube over a celebrity sex video featuring the model and ex-wife of soccer icon Ronaldo. The Brazilian ISP, Brasil Telecom, banned user access to YouTube reportedly after the sex tape kept popping up. The ex-wife, Daniela Cicarelli, demanded $116k per day per amount of days the video remained on YouTube. Perhaps sex tapes are more than just a way to get your name out there, at that rate, who needs a salaried modeling gig?

"The video (at least the version circulating now) isn't all that explicit, but it's super cheesy. It's been edited to include schlocky samba music and subtitles ("an ice cream to cool the heat... or does it, hmmm?"). Mr. Malzoni, a real estate heir whose public LinkedIn profile identifies him as a vice president with Merril Lynch in Brazil, hangs a bunch of seaweed on his schlong at the end."


Killer headline.

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