January 8, 2007

Arrival anticipation climaxes

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fullroom.jpgJetlagged bodies always deserve a night of relaxation after a cramped trip. While probably only affordable to people already accustomed to the leg-stretching and steaks of first class, Yotel, a hotel inside an airport, tempts for more indulgent traveling. Located inside Terminal 4 at Heathrow, with another location at Gatwick, one of the world's largest airports is equipped to turn the classic "arrival-kiss" at the gate between loved ones into an arrival-fuck at the terminal. Like a flower shop at a hospital, the many shops at Heathrow (such as Agent Provocateur) only cater to becoming an all-in-one destination for long distance relationships. With so much temptation, laptop cases may need to create models for men that sling over the front for added anticipation coverage.

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