December 12, 2006

Checking chumps at the door

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200157372-003.jpgDitch the fake numbers, awkward emails, and Googling. You're not on the list. Instead of "no jumpers, no trainers", and a bouncer with a clipboard at the door, Hot Enough, a new dating agency, holds a Studio-54-like secure entrance online. The currency of trade? Pure, clean(?), unadulterated hotness.

"Especially in online dating's early days, "It wasn't always the most attractive people -- it was the boldest, the bravest, and the most desperate," says Pellegrino [CEO and founder], who believes that less than 15 percent of traditional Internet daters are great lookers. "Let's face it -- when you go online, you look at photos and the profiles second. I wanted to create a site for a demographic that was being overlooked on the online market.""

So, while Hot Enough boasts catering to a growing demand, are the good ones actually online or is it like the unemployment line, where there's a good reason why most everyone is there? Increasingly I've overheard reports that no one would get any dating done if it wasn't for online presence in cities like New York. Is this true or should you take your chances outside of the photo-of-myself-in-the-mirror-profile-page bubble?

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Wow! What a photograph!

Wow! What a photograph!

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