December 28, 2006

Inaudible to the naked ear

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200338581-001.jpgWhile age may bring wisdom, there are also things that only come with youth. Sony Pictures' up and coming movie The Messengers leverages ultrasonic sound to prove their point.

"The Messengers, a horror film about a teen protoganist who insists she hears voices that her parents cannot hear. The ultrasonic technology was originally developed in Europe to chase teens away from malls, and has been promoted before as an adult-proof ringtone inaudible to people over 25." -Three Minds @ Organic

The Messengers ultrasonic ringtones target teenagers who want to be able to receive phone calls and text messages undetected by their parents, or whoever is currently fucking their mom. High pitched, priced and highly annoying, the ringtones are currently available for $2.49, but you can preview them hear. While this may seem as an enticing marketing ploy, charging money for content that is simply used for movie ticket sales seems overly greedy to any age.

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