December 4, 2006

Hi, I'm a Mac and I'm an Imitator

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Picture%2015.pngImitation is said to be the sincerest form of flattery. VAIO sends mixed messages our way with this spoof of a Mac ad. Asking "who do you want to play with?", your choices are between a farting PC, a smug Mac, and a red-headed hipster-girl VAIO. Making the choice clear, you can e-pinch her butt and make her giggle.

Giggling hipsters aren't the only mixed messages VAIO sends our way, though. Promoting themselves as the "Non-pc PC" makes little to no sense. So, VAIO is the Non-personal computer, personal computer? It seems VAIO may have struck gold in stabbing the hipster/emo kids with the unintentional, indirect jab of "I'm different, just like everybody else". Perhaps just taking the concept out for a test drive, it only appears as a small Flash piece on Sony's C-Series VAIO laptop site.

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I stumbled across this place, unfortunate you're named after one of the worst typefaces to grace the earth, but let's hope your pretty face stops any militant elitst typographer from filling you with lead.


HIT ink Mac shot themselves in the foot with the Hi, I'm a Mac campaign. It just reminded everyman that mac users are smug bastards. That said, we have a reason to be smug... Unfortunately the average PC user isn't clever enough to get that far... Yet I'm only saying that because I'm a smug mac user.

You see where I'm going here?

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