December 18, 2006

eMarketer: tech gadgets make young woman tingle

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product-shot-2.jpgAccording to an earlier article put out by Senior Analyst Debra Williamson of eMarketer last week, "Gen Y women have digital cameras, phones and video games on their lists." Oh, that's not all many of us hopeful harlets have on our lists, Ms. Williamson.

While the survey lists computers, cameras, and tvs at the top of the list, a whopping 1 out of 4 women were listed as "none of the above". Any senior analyst should be able to see the clear skewing of figures here. eMarketer is in fact confirming that the majority of women interviewed are too embarassed to put vibrators as their number one tech gadget this year. Thankfully, leave it to gadgets to put a bit of tingle back in our tech. Last year's bluetooth vibrator found its way into our hearts and hips. So, as the holidays approach us, remember to donate to the Toys for Twats foundation, despite the surveys.

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"Toys for Twats"

hehehe. Good 'un.

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