December 21, 2006

Death by Slim Fast is not the way to go

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01%20copy.jpgWord to the wise and insatiable, over indulgence this season can carry consequences. Literally capturing the femme fatales, Daniela Edburg's new Drop Dead Gorgeous series mixes the gorgeous with a dash of glucose-gore. The photography is delicious for art appreciators and historians alike. Unlike the nutrition facts, the photographer uses the pure ingredients of glamour and death that don't leave your tongue tied. Edburg explains:

"I guess I am pretty compulsive. That which gives me pleasure one minute, causes guilt the next. I am surprised at how much I like the products I consume, but, if you stop for one second to think about it, it’s absurd. Yet, you can’t stop. [The work] is not a criticism it’s just an exaggeration of my own reality."

via: Neatorama


Great quote ... "an exaggeration of my own reality" -- can be applied to so many things ... especially where creativity and personality collide.

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