December 7, 2006

Comments are back up!

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day2_7.jpgHooray, it only took a month. But yes, comments should be back up and running (if you experience any issues though, shoot me an email). Unfortunately, if you submitted any comments previously, they were never received - so feel free to comment away now!

In other comment news, Gawker reports on This Week in Commenter Executions:

"Executed: Verlaineverlaine
Crime: Downgrading Ian Spiegelman to the status of "anonymous tipster." Also, sheer idiocy.

Executed: raincoaster
Crime: Mind-blowing unfunniness, excessive "me-too" action.

Executed: Aidan O
Crime: Being totally wrong, on several points.

Executed: RobotsonCasiotones
Crime: Using the "I'm looking at you, X" joke twice in two days.

(Sidenote: A big thank you goes out to all the victims that helped along the way with the code from hell that could only be this blog: Gerald, Ken, Scoot, Seth, and Steve)

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