November 16, 2006

Stupidity encouraged, students stereotyped

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Picture%2021.pngSimilar to Virtual Bartender, minus interactive robustness, STA Body Shots invites you to follow the not-so-happy trail to stupidity.

Apparently confident that they understand their audience, STA Travel, a student travel agency, launched a site where you "pick a body" and then "pick a shot", to then watch the first-person camera perspective take the shot while self-obsessed girls either bitch over getting any on their swimsuit or talk about how attractive they find themselves.

Visiting the official website, STA promotes themselves as "helping students & young people experience the world." Additionally, "STA Travel will change the way people think about travel and in doing so will make a positive contribution to the lives of millions." Apparently positive contribution is defined by licking up whipped cream off a belly, resulting in a higher education of learning how you got home that night and why you may need to see a doctor about that "itch".

While the bottom of the site reminds you to "sip, drink, slam, and shoot your alcohol responsibly", the site does not ask for any kind of age verification. Similarly, I wouldn't be surprised if someone is considering this "viral" because it has a send-to-a-friend ala "Send Shot" option.

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