November 27, 2006

Squeaky wheel gets the oil

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262460837_b1879cc14b_m.jpgPreviously filed in with the various whoring yourself out on the internet to achieve some small amount of success posts, Leah Culver became one of the few that you need not ask, "What ever happened with that?". Miss Princess had grown tiresome with her old laptop and was in need of a new MacBook Pro. As with many of us who are desperate, Leah turned to advertising.

Mike wonders "to what extent the influence and privilege afforded by the hottie elite could be exploited. Free drinks? Getting out of speeding tickets? Sure we like to think that sex sells and honk our little clown horns, but the truth of the matter is that Leah Culver is operating in dimensions we can't even begin to imagine. First, obviously, she's a kick in the ding-ding smokin' hot. Second, she managed to get a free MacBook Pro by selling laser-etched ads on the cover. Third, she sold ads on a fucking MacBook cover!"

(Thanks, Mike!)

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