November 22, 2006

Some coffee for your sugar?

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coffeemorning1.jpgSpreading his blog propaganda, Russell Davies' Coffee Mornings have become as viral as drunken photos on MySpace. Unlike said photos, however, Coffee Mornings are a bit more perky and are likely to get you in less trouble with work. Chicago, Toronto, Kansas City, and Sydney recently jumping on the proverbial "send to a friend" button have joined the list.

"I do like this coffee morning business, I love the way all this digital stuff is leading to actual real person connectivity. It's fab." - Russell Davies

Joining the 'fab' as often as my schedule allows, I took up the American Copywriter boys' invite for the last couple of weeks. While probably less leisurely as London's 11:30am arrival time (7:30am kills me), it's still a pleasurable way to ease into the last 8 hours of work before the weekend.

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