November 13, 2006

I'll have a spot of coffee with my juice

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DSC02753_1.jpgLast week I had the pleasure of pausing the craziness of last week's ad:tech by sitting down for a chat with Joseph Jaffe of Jaffe Juice. Over the course of a couple caffeinated cups, we shared backgrounds, current happenings, and a bit of sillyness here and there.

While Jaffe tried to convince me of the wonderous aspects of Second Life (because, let's face it, I think it's total crap), I couldn't help but to sneak glimpses of his unique socks, peeking out from under his otherwise normal suit. As we continued to chat, I began to see that Jaffe was as creative as his socks, and a bit crazy like me in that we both shot out of the gates very early in our lives.

Continuing on the creative chat, he asked about my background and how it led to where I am now. I summarized my beginning in graphic design and viral marketing for raves, and how social media/creative strategy continues to feel like an organic growth of creativity. Instead of focusing creative thinking on designing postcards or websites, creative strategy and social analysis allows for the same kind of thinking to apply to a larger array.

Up until the end, the conversation went smoothly - but Jaffe did not want to let me get off so easily. Asking me to provide a monthly karaoke challenge, I'm now responsible for cheesy music and the occasional interruption of your much loved podcast. Always up for a challenge, I've asked Jaffe to join our friends at Bank of America in his own version culture pollution with a U2 track. Stay tuned, and as always, suggestions are welcome in the comments.

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