November 21, 2006

Caution: may pose swallowing hazard

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aquapets.jpgPosing as playful playmates, these toys present precarious positions for parents.

"Aquapets are silly interactive pets that love to play with you. Watch them dance. Hear them chirp. Theyll even play a song. Aquapets react to you and their buoyant buddies so let the floating fun begin. Ages 5+".

Consumers who bought this item also bought: The Rabbit - another cuddly interactive pet that aims to please. Always appreciative of cynicism and sarcasm, this comment was worth me clicking 5 stars for:

"Dora is quite the explorer. She brings many hours of fun. Good for both girls and boys.
Seems to be dishwasher safe
." - Reviewer: earachemyeye

While Core77 wonders how such a product gets stamped for approval when it directly resembles a giant trouser snake, I'm somehow not surprised. Not easily forgetting my association with Disney when I meet new people, I'm reminded of the urban legends of Disney that we all grew up to know and love.

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