November 30, 2006

Blogger slits wrists with RAZR

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RazrAd.jpgGawker tickles your craving for a tasty rant by looking back at the Motorola RAZR craze with more hindsight and less dignity.

"Think back, if you will, to October 2004. It was an innocent time, a time when to have a cell phone typically meant one of those Nokia bullets or a Motorola V60 (hey, remember those?), or if you were all fancy, a big-ass Blackberry. We bring this up for one important reason: to trace just how you, and we, got suckered--yes, suckered--into buying possibly the worst phone on the market today, the Motorola RAZR."

Makes me question bloggers like Joel On Software, who seems like he'd go down on a man in a dive bar stall for just another hit of Moto to fill up a RSS feed.

Read the entire rant here.

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