August 14, 2006

The lame word?

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Picture%2012.pngOne of Adrant's friends sent in a few ads for (at the time in 2004) a new drama series. Not sure why old sexy ads are cropping up, but how can you say no?

Of course, I said no. Oh, trust me, I love naughty ads that make me giggle. But this one? Meh, I'm underwhelmed. The copywriting seems to just be easy rather than anything spectacular. As Steve points out, "what copy?".

I'm not one to speak (my headline to this post is worse than the copy I'm chatting about). I'd be a horrible copywriter. I always seem to drunkenly stumble over the line from too cheesy to too boring. So I did a quick search on American Copywriter to see if they had anything to say about it. Alas, Technorati turned me away with nothing.

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