August 16, 2006

Old men can't get it up, erect blogs instead

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bloggermen.0.jpgWhile youth-fixated, twenty-something media buyers like to lump the blogging demographic smack in the middle of the 18-34 crowd as they seemingly do with every other media buy, there is an established collection of older men that refuse to lose another hair over it.

Perusing through 300 or so blogs a day, it's easy to become numb to the plethora of blog content, no less start seeing patterns. Since recently having my cherry popped by the proverbial camera of the blogosphere, it's obvious that the majority of long-established, influential blogs are helmed, in fact, by older men.

While it's true that there are a few women in the Technorati 100, it still pushes heavily towards the older and male end of the scale. It also seems that younger bloggers tend to work in teams. So, with a good number of influential blogs being run by older men, is there wisdom in their words?

Who knows, but you can read their words at: BuzzMachine, Doc Searls Weblog, Micropersuasion, Seth's Blog, Wireless Muse.

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