August 1, 2006



Shake Well Before Use covers the intersections between art, advertising, sex, and technology.

Ariel Waldman is a Social Media Insights Consultant in San Francisco, originally from Kansas City. In addition to Shake Well Before Use, she's the Community Manager for Pownce as well as a columnist for Engadget. She previously served as a Digital Insights Analyst at VML, an interactive WPP agency she was with for 8 years. She has been a contributor for Suicide Girls, Adrants and the ad:tech industry tradeshow blog.

You can also find Ariel on Twitter, Pownce, Flickr, and LinkedIn.

Recent buzz about Shake Well Before Use:

"Ariel Waldman has the freshest perspective on art, advertising, sex and technology." — David Brain, President & CEO of Edelman Europe

"cheeky and provocative ... clear sense of good story ... strong voice ... excellent example of what is good in blogging -- originality of ideas, excellent delivery and a capacity to put [herself] on the line for the sake of the story." — Marketing Profs Daily Fix

"Art, Advertising, Sex + Technology' Ummmm.... who does THAT remind you of? Heh. Thanks, Ariel. Damn glad to meet you." — Hugh MacLeod, Gapingvoid

"Ariel is funny, smart and ruthless." — American Copywriter

Shake Well Before Use does not reflect the opinion of her employers/clients.