August 25, 2006

Designer deserves a smack on the fanny (pack)

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Mr. Hall over at Adrants forwarded me a tip he received about some ads created for a high end women's athletic boutique in LA. Overall, I'm unimpressed to say the least. If this ad was in a magazine, I'd flip right past it after having a long, soothing mental rant about typography.

Mmm... typography rants. The creative, in its entirety, should never have seen the light of day. The concept, the typography, the red border, the photography, and the layout are awful and it looks like there wasn't much thought put into any of it. The typography was raped and beaten by the designer to the point that it was to be forever scarred. Take note, blossoming typographers, those little serif fonts can't hold a damn weight against the photography and reading-wise, it's best to avoid white type unless it's a bold short headline. I think they probably paid next-to-nothing for all of the creative and that's what they got – plus a throw back to the 90's.

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