August 4, 2006

Coasting down the rabbit hole

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Picture%204.pngV-dub's Gypsy Cab Project is "an attempt to uncover and document (on hidden cameras) all the things that make urban driving truly unique." Steve, a filmmaker who has never been to New York, drives around offering free rides in the name of research.

Equipped with a hipster fidel hat and a pair of square-rimmed glasses, Steve is ready to throw caution to the wind and see how crazy them city-folks are! Unfortunately, the fare ride videos leave a little to be desired. While I appreciate them being authentic, a little editing would've helped. Most of the videos go on for longer than I have an attention span for, and don't really seem to peak my interest. Not to mention, combined with Steve's almost Jamie-Kennedy-style forced persona.

The city driving dictionary on the site defines the term Rabbit Hole as "a parking spot or gap in city traffic only big enough for a Rabbit to use. It's invisible to people with bigger cars." May I suggest that the site has rabbit-holed itself into being invisible to to people with smaller attention spans?

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