August 3, 2006

Check out my guns

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Picture%202.1.png Response to comments via AdRant's post about's flacid penis. Essentially someone saying that the entire debacle was intentional.

No one is fooled. This is just as bad as the Chevy Tahoe bullshit that surfaced and Chevy was practically pushed into a corner where they couldn't say anything but "oh, we did that on purpose because that's how much we care about CGM".

And seriously, it's bullshit to try and fit the old client-pleasing solutions of impressions and demographics to new problems like viral and WOM. It tells nothing of any interaction, engagement or syndication other than volume of buzz.

They put the video on YouTube because I bet that's the only technology/calculations they know how to use to track ANY kind of reporting back to the client. What do you want to bet that they pitch MySpace and YouTube as 'great new strategies'? Please. Wake me up when they actually go after something that is an actual challenge rather than low-hanging-fruit. Bottom feeders are chumps.

The end.

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"Bottom feeders are chumps"


Interesting stuff on your blog. Enjoyed my stay here:-)Got u from mybloglog.

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