August 11, 2006

Architectural DDR


3playerf.0.jpgI've spent all today (yes, I know it's technically Friday but it's Thursday to me - blame Seattle) traveling on the no liquid diet known as terror alert. It's a two day diet for me, so I'm only halfway through it. As such, why ramble about red terror alerts and flying planes into east coast buildings when I can ramble about red LED lights and playing DDR on west coast buildings?

2facader.0.jpg"Electroland's new work EnterActive is now live at the Met Lofts apartment building, 11th and Flower streets, in Los Angeles. A luminous field of red LED lights embedded into the entry walkway respond to the moves of visitors. When the walkway interactivity is triggered the impact is mirrored on a eight-story grid of LED panels on the building facade. When completed, a video camera facing the building will transmit images to a plasma screen in the lobby, so visitors inside can see the effect their footwork is having outside."