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I like it when you play with my low hanging fruit

playtime.jpgMany women are familiar with this line being whispered in their ear in a room full of throbbing testosterone, over a dark, hot cup of coffee in a client meeting. While it gives some of us that familiar tingling, it triggers psychotic acid relapses in others, causing them to hear their pervy old uncle asking for a kiss.

A BusinessWeek article asks to “cut the raunch” saying that, “Girls cringe at overtly sexual ads, yet paradoxically, marketing campaigns targeted at teen girls are sex-obsessed.” Oh, so the girl who sits next to you in 5th hour that tells everyone she’s bi just so that guys will look shouldn’t be included in those demographic behavior charts? Outdated memories? I can practically open my day planner and see my teen years listed.

The article goes on to state that, “Modern teens are inspired by a deeper definition of feminine strength.” Does feminine strength not include the ability to admit to having an insatiable sex drive?

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