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And this little piggy went wee wee wee all the way home

Picture%2010.jpgXeni over at BoingBoing originally broke the news to me about an article appearing in Forbes that essentially said that I should shoot myself now, as I'll apparently make any man unhappy by working more than 35 hours a week and making more than $30k a year. Watch out girls, I may have to turn to you for my pent up frustration.

As I pointed out to Xeni later, Forbes took the article by the little piggy reporter offline. Now at an attempt to have a good laugh about the debacle, they resurfaced the link with a rebuttal and a discussion form. Somehow, I'm still not laughing. The "rebuttal" is just a pathetic attempt at bringing a female writer down to Michael Noer's level (of mud). Instead of having (as some people call me) "balls of steel" and taking on the article and providing a detailed criticism, Elizabeth Corcoran just takes easy stabs at men. Overall, I think Forbes is cowardly trying to have a laugh and pigeonhole this debacle as just a silly gender catfight and nothing more.

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